How to Clean Clarifion Air Purifier: An Easy Guide


Have you noticed that the air quality in your home is suboptimal and want to do something about it? But are you tired of finding a seemingly reasonable solution for your problems, only to have it create another problem or become a nuisance itself? Such is the case with some homeware appliances and the maintenance they require. However, with a Clarifion air purifier, you will get the clean air you need and only put in minimal time and effort for maintenance and cleaning. Keep reading this article to find out when and how to clean your Clarifion air purifier.

Clarifion Air Purifier

The Clarifion air purifier is a device used by many to filter the air in their homes. This particular appliance is an ionic air purifier, which means it uses electrically charged particles to clean the air. What is unique about the Clarifion air purifier is that it’s easy to operate because of its simple design. Furthermore, the Clarifion air purifier comes at a super affordable price compared to other ion generators.

Not that you know a little bit about the Clarifion air purifier, you might be wondering about the maintenance it requires. We have prepared a short guide for you to show you how and when to clean your Clarifion air purifier.

How Would You Know if Your Clarifion Air Purifier Needs Cleaning?

The first question that might pop in your head when thinking about appliance maintenance is: How do I know when it needs cleaning? Generally speaking, you will find what you need to know in the user’s manual for every homeware appliance that requires some sort of maintenance. However, when it comes to cleaning air purifiers of ion generators like the Clarifion, it really comes down to how much you use it in a day and the air quality in your home. Try cleaning it regularly as it will help maintain efficiency, and it’s so easy to do!

How to Clean the Clarifion Air Purifier?

If you’ve come to the conclusion that your Clarifion air purifier needs a good cleaning but do not know how to go about it, don’t worry. All you have to do is follow our simple steps to clean your Clarifion air purifier. But first, you need to get your cleaning equipment, including a cleaning brush, hand sanitizer (waterless), vacuum cleaner, and dry cloth. Let’s start, shall we?

Clean your Clarifion from the outer side


When cleaning homeware appliances, it is better to start cleaning them from the outside and clean your way in. The first step you need to take to clean your Clarifion air purifier is to make sure it is unplugged. And always keep in mind that this is an electronic appliance, so avoid using any water to clean it. If you must use it, try taking a simple damp cloth and cleaning the outside of the device with it. After you have cleaned the outer side of your appliance, it is time to clean the inner part of it.

Remove the filter cover

To clean the inside of the Clarifion air purifier, you first need to open it up by removing the filter cover. Push down on the cover of the HEPA filter until you hear a click — that’s a sign it has opened. After you have removed the lid, take out the HEPA filter to get a better look at the foam lining inside.

Remove dust using a vacuum cleaner or brush


The best way to clean the inside of your Clarifion air purifier is with a vacuum cleaner. Since you can’t use any water, a vacuum cleaner will be more than effective in getting rid of the dust inside the air purifier. If you notice a large amount of dust, it is a sign you need to start using your cleaning brush. Softly brush the dust away using your cleaning brush, and if there is dust remaining on the inside, you can dampen the cloth with waterless hand sanitizer for optimal cleaning.

Clean the foam pads on your purifier’s HEPA

Lastly, you need to clean the foam pads on the Clarifion’s HEPA filter and make sure to get both sides of it. You can clean this part using a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Instead of using water to dampen the cloth, you can substitute it for a baking soda and vinegar concoction to clean and freshen up the inside of your Clarifion air purifier. It goes without saying that you need to be really careful when cleaning electronic appliances on the inside, for you can cause damage that might affect their efficiency. Finally, you need to let all the parts you just wiped dry completely before putting the air purifier back together.

Air Purifier Filter Replacement

As you probably already know, air purifiers are appliances that use filters to clean the air, and those filters need to be replaced every once in a while. Filter replacement time will depend on the use of the Clarifion air purifier. With a Clarifion air purifier, you will need to replace the HEPA filter after approximately six to eight months. 

The Bottom Line

A Clarifion air purifier can be just what you need to filter out the air in your home and breathe in good quality air. They are relatively uncomplicated appliances in design, use, and even maintenance. They require minimal maintenance without taking too much of your time or money for cleaning supplies. You will need a vacuum cleaner, a cleaning brush, and a cloth, and you are good to go!

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