Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth It?

If you’re wondering if portable air conditioners are worth it, this article will break down their pros and cons so that you can make your own informed decision.

As we approach the hot summer days and the temperatures start rising, it is definitely time to begin thinking about an option that will keep your space cool. Without adequate air conditioning in your inside environment, your daily activities become more and more challenging. 

When we think about cool air, multiple options come to our minds. However, portable air conditioners are one of the most popular and easy to manage options.

This guide will answer the following frequently asked questions: Are portable air conditioners worth it? Do portable air conditioners work? So, if you’re on the market for a portable air conditioner, stay with us to learn more about them!

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?


Portable air conditioners work by extracting heat from a room and transferring it outside. A portable air conditioner must have three main components in order for this procedure to work: a refrigerant, a compressor, and a fan. Each of these three components works together to extract the heat from inside and transfer it outside. The refrigerant is used to cool the air, the compressor compresses the refrigerant, and the fan allows the air to circulate. 

Portable air conditioners function by drawing hot air from the surrounding environment into the unit. The engine within the portable air conditioner then cools the air so that it can circulate around the room. Afterward, the portable ac pushes the warm air and extra moisture through a hose and out the window.

Are Portable Air Conditioners Good?

A portable air conditioner unit is ideal if you want a cheap and mobile air cooling solution. However, choosing a portable AC unit over another sort of cooling system is entirely subjective, as it will depend on your specific cooling requirements. 

Portable air conditioners are excellent if you need the flexibility to move them from room to room depending on where you spend most of the time or where the sun hits the most during the day. In addition, a portable AC is the most commonly used air conditioner option that is not permanently installed; this means that it has the advantage of not requiring professional experience to have it installed and you can basically use it right out of the box. 

Pros of portable air conditioners

Accessibility to all types of windows, simple installation, smart features, and portability are just some of the advantages of portable air conditioners. Read on as we elaborate on each of them.

They allow access to windows

A portable air conditioner can be used in practically every window type. It works just fine with sliding windows or windows covered by grates. In addition, with the correct hardware kit, portable air conditioners can work even with casement (crank) windows or sliding patio doors. But most importantly, since they are portable, they allow access to your window and do not block light from coming in.

They don’t need complex installation

When it comes to the installation process, portable air conditioners are the simplest to install out of any other type of air conditioning. All you need is a window to accommodate the intake/exhaust pipe and an electrical outlet. Moreover, portable ACs come with instructions on how to assemble the window hose unit, making it very straightforward to install in any type of window.

They are portable

Another feature that shows how convenient portable air conditioners are is the fact that they are portable. As the name implies, portable air conditioners allow you to roll the unit around to where you need it, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants the freedom to enjoy cool air where they need it.

They are easy to maintain

Portable air conditioners are very easy to maintain. When it comes to the interior, if your portable AC has a washable filter, you should simply take it out, soak it in warm water with a light detergent, rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry before reinstalling it. As for exterior maintenance, when the device is switched off, you should wipe the surface with a soft, wet cloth and not use abrasive chemicals or cleansers.

They have smart features


The vast majority of modern air conditioners include a Wi-Fi radio that allows the AC to connect to an app to manage and monitor it from your phone or tablet. Smart features in portable air conditioners allow you to alter the target temperature, change the fan speed, and turn them on and off from anywhere. Another fantastic feature is the programmable timer. This feature allows you to program when the air conditioner turns on and off without having to do it manually every time. 

You can save money

Although portable ACs tend to incur more energy expenses, there are still ways you can save money while using them. Targetting a room at a time for cooling, buying the right portable ac for your space, and using their smart features are all great ways of saving money. 

Cons of portable air conditioners

Just like any other device, portable air conditioners are not always ideal for everyone. When buying a portable air conditioner, you can face challenges such as noise, increased energy expenses, and difficulties in finding the right size.

They can get loud

No matter what sort of air conditioner you get, it will inevitably create some kind of noise. It’s generally classified as background noise and isn’t annoying or disrupting unless you’re using the highest setting. 

They may be less efficient

Portable air conditioners are designed to provide cooling for smaller spaces, and therefore are less efficient in larger areas. If you use a portable air conditioner as your sole cooling source, you may increase your energy expenses. If energy efficiency is the prime concern in your house, the best alternative is to choose a model with a programmable thermostat to control the temperature and, in turn, energy expenses.

Getting the right size may not be straightforward

Another aspect where you might face difficulties when getting a portable air conditioner is purchasing the right size for the space you want to use it in. You should always do all the measurements needed beforehand and consult with a professional who can advise you on this matter. In addition, there are many cases when the window kit is bigger or shorter than the actual window, causing difficulties in the installation process. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, portable air conditioners are good for people looking for a mobile AC option to allow them the flexibility to cool whatever space they are in at any time, granted it is a smaller space. They are very easy to install, are easy to maintain, and can fit all types of windows. And if you want to use it in a room with no window, there are ways around it. Read our article on how to vent a portable air conditioner without a window to find out. All in all, one can say that portable air conditioners are worth it. Go get yours!

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